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About Us: Artists own a platform

“The Guild of Artists,” often shortened to “Guild Artists,” is a diverse, inclusive network of artists creating and selling handmade artpieces online. Run by the artists themselves, we offer a safe platform for self-promotion, interacting with your customers and ensuring a smooth commissioning process.

We're a Cooperative

Our platform is fully democratically governed ✌️ by all member artists and transparently operated by administrators. By joining us you get to be a part of the decision-making process for where to take the entire platform! New features and rules are decided by you.

If this sounds exciting, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to hear from fellow artists!

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Your New Workspace

At the core of our platform are Art Galleries: dynamic, rich and fully customizable portfolios. These galleries make it easy for your customers to find you based on their interests. You could, for example, make your pricelist easily accessible alongside your artworks. Give the option for customers to commission similar items or buy readymade items directly from your gallery. Review your analytics and decide to “pin” your most iconic artwork to be listed first in your gallery. Notify customers of policy changes. Cross-promote with other artists and do so much more!

Creating an account on will allow customers access to artist commission queues, waitlists, quotes, shops, purchase items in gallery, and receive notifications of artist activity. Top-of-the-line identity verification, spam, chargeback protection and buyer reputation systems allow you to better trust your customers. 🤝

Benefits include:

  • Discoverability - customers can easily find and browse your gallery based on interests.

  • Impress customers - show off your skills the way you prefer, promote what you want when you want, show customer reviews, embed tweets where customers praise your work, and more

  • Custom commissioning process for every artist - each artist can choose to take commissions the way they prefer, at the times they prefer. We’re professionals with busy and complicated lives. To each their own 😉

  • Fraud protection - always get paid for your art
  • Assistance with shipment - help with printing shipping labels, checking/changing shipping addresses and more

  • Assistance with payment - use your own paypal invoices and handle payments yourself, or we can do it for you

  • Assistance with taxes - automatic sales tax collection, tax forms (US only), VAT calculation and more.

  • Analytics - direct insights into who is interested in your artwork
  • Many more! + you decide what goes here! 🤩

More information coming here soon!