International Shipping: Helpful HS Codes


Whenever you ship something internationally the package will be handed over to Customs before entering the country. To inform the Customs inspector of what is inside the parcel (what it is and how it should be taxed), you include Harmonized System (HS) Codes. You can find codes for your products here:

Most shipping companies will have default customs documents for you to use, which will have a field for the HS code. All you have to do is fill it out!

Handy HS codes:

  • 49119900 Printed goods (pretty broad category for anything you can print art on really)
  • 71179000 Imitation jewelery (can be used for pins and charms, not for actual jewelry)
  • 62171000 Clothing accessories, of all types of textile materials excl. knitted/crocheted
  • 83062900 Statuettes and other ornaments (useful for art dolls or any kind)
  • 95030041 Stuffed toy (intended for use by children) representing animals or non-human creatures
  • 95030021 Dolls representing only human beings
  • 63079098 Other textile items and patterns (for anything made of fabric pretty much, excl. masks)
  • 392690 For dolls/articles of plastic in general if they are plastic/silicone

Real World Experiences:

Toy-like art successfully shipped using HS code 63079098 labeled as "plush art doll" or "plush art horse"

For any plush makers following me: I sent out a togekiss last week to someone in germany (I am in the UK). I wrote "plush art doll" on the customs label, used 63079098 as my tariff number, and didn't put any IOSS info on it (sold before july 1st). Customer received it just fine!
Very grateful @meplushyou I used HS code she wrote in article 63079098 - this HS code the name of the item was "plush art horse" The package was sent on July 21st. It was received today, August 4th. Delivery from Russia to the Netherlands lasted 13 days

Please let us know your experience shipping overseas! Tag @guildofartists or @meplushyou on Twitter if you have any questions.